Hope & Healing – a trauma-informed therapeutic framework for residential care


Hope and Healing Professional Development Strategy

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Final Report (Stage One): Trauma-informed therapeutic framework for residential care project

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In 2015, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services initiated the first of a three-staged commitment to implementing Recommendation 8.7 of the Queensland Child Protection Inquiry. The first stage of this commitment involved the establishment of a project to firstly, assess existing frameworks for providing residential care services in Queensland and other comparable jurisdictions; secondly, advise on a best fit trauma-informed therapeutic framework for the Queensland context; and thirdly, provide advice and options for the implementation of the framework. The Department contracted PeakCare Queensland to undertake the first stage of the project, working with a team of Encompass Family and Community personnel and Paul Testro Consultancy Services. The project commenced on 16th March 2015.



Final Report (Stage One) attachment one: Proposed Hope and Healing Framework for Residential Care

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This document outlines the Proposed Hope and Healing Framework for Residential Care. The Final Report details the consultations, expert advice and literature review, and the rationale for the development of this framework.



Final Report (Stage One) attachment two: Implementation

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For the proposed Hope and Healing Framework for Residential Care is to be more than a statement of desired principles and methods, it will require a comprehensive implementation plan (to be further considered in stage two of this project). This Attachment provides an overview of some of the issues which need to be addressed as part of the state-wide implementation of the framework.



Expert Advisory Group

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PeakCare extends our sincere appreciation to Encompass Family and Community Pty Ltd and Paul Testro Consultancy Services with whom we had the pleasure of working in conducting this project. Our thanks are also extended to members of the Expert Advisory Group – Rachel Atkinson, Howard Bath, Toni Cash, Michael Dawbney, Laurel Downey, Noeleen Lopes, Lucas Moore, Gregory Nicolau, Ian Nussey and Sandy Wilson – for their wisdom and guidance.