Once again, the number of candidates standing for election to PeakCare’s Board exceeds the number of vacated positions. The five candidates standing for election to fill three vacated positions include Ms Sally Kelynack (UnitingCare Queensland), Mr Brad Swan (Life Without Barriers), Ms Lynn Walker (Safe Pathways), Ms Janet Wight (Youth Advocacy Centre) and Mr Darren Young (Mission Australia). On Thursday, 31st November, Voting Delegates of all Member organisations were sent instructions about authorising a person to serve as their proxy in the event that they are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting being held at 4.30pm on Wednesday, 6th December at Riverside Receptions, 50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm. Make sure that your organisation’s opinion counts and your Voting Delegate is attending the event or, if not, has properly assigned their proxy to another person. Click here to read the submitted Candidate Election Statements.