All PeakCare Members engaged in working with children and young people in care are urged to play YOUR part in ensuring that we listen to and hear their voices. You can do so by actively facilitating opportunities for them to participate in the CREATE Foundation’s national survey of children and young people aged 10 to 25 who are in care or have had a care experience.

The 2013 CREATE Report Card – Experiencing Out-of-Home Care in Australia: The Views of Children and Young People – reported on the experiences and views of over 1,000 children and young people from across Australia. It’s now time to discover what has changed or remained the same since then and in order to do so, CREATE is hopeful of obtaining a similar number of survey respondents this time round. To reach this goal, services from all states and territories will need to play their part. At the moment however, it appears that Queensland is lagging well behind other states in its contribution. That’s not good enough – it’s time we lift our game!

Please note that the survey has received ethics approval from Bilberry Limited, a national not-for-profit human research ethics committee certified by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The Queensland child safety department’s Director-General, Mr Michael Hogan, has also provided his written support for the survey, which includes his acknowledgement of the ethics approval.

To obtain more information about the survey, click here.

Children and young people can complete the survey over the phone by calling CREATE on 07 3317 6020 or online by clicking here.

The survey closes on Sunday, 28th January.