PeakCare and its Board are pleased to release findings of our 2017 Member Survey. Our sincere appreciation is extended to the 101 representatives of our Member agencies and Supporters who generously gave of their time to participate in the telephone interviews conducted during October.
Amongst the range of matters discussed during the interviews, the survey respondents were asked to provide an overall rating of PeakCare on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent. The average score was 8.65. This compares with an overall average rating of 7.9 reported on as a finding of a similar Member Survey conducted in 2015. PeakCare was very pleased with this result.
The survey findings are now being used to inform a review and updating of PeakCare’s Strategic and Operational Plans. We trust that all our Members and Supporters will find the 2017 Member Survey Report to be an informative account of the survey findings.