Tired of receiving emailed requests from organisations to complete an on-line satisfaction survey? PeakCare Members will be relieved to know that you will not be receiving one of these requests from us. Instead, many of you who work for one of our Member agencies are likely to be invited to participate in a survey that will be conducted over the phone – a much more personal approach and one that liberates you, at least for a while, from your computer screen and keyboard or tablet or whatever other device it is that you may use.

Similar to the previous telephone survey of our Members and Supporters, we will be randomly selecting and inviting 100 people to participate in the survey, but steps will also be taken to ensure that these people belong to a range of occupational groups and are employed by a mix of small, medium-sized and large organisations from across the State in proportions that approximate the profile of PeakCare’s membership.

The telephone surveys will be conducted by a small group of ‘independent interviewers’. The information that is collected and how the survey is reported on will not allow for the identification of any survey respondents or Member agency. As a small token of PeakCare’s appreciation to those who take a few minutes from their busy day to complete the interview, a $20 gift voucher will be awarded to five randomly selected survey respondents.

PeakCare and PeakCare’s Board values all feedback received from our Members and Supporters. As was the case with the previous survey, what you tell us in this survey will be used to inform the strategic planning and future directions of our organisation. The last time a survey was undertaken, no difficulties were experienced in finding 100 people willing and happy to be interviewed. PeakCare is confident that this year the interviewers who phone you will be frequently greeted with messages similar to, “Glad you called…”