PeakCare is ecstatically pleased to announce that the entertainment for our forthcoming Annual General Meeting will be headlined by the 60-voice Harris Fields State School Cultural Choir. This is the choir that received a standing ovation at our 2014 AGM. We are quite sure that anyone who was present back then will be hoping to hear an encore performance of their stunning rendition of ‘My Island Home’. It was unforgettable.

The evening’s program will also include a panel discussion with many of Queensland’s child protection luminaries – Michael Hogan (Director-General, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services), Natalie Siegel-Brown (Public Guardian) and Natalie Lewis (Chief Executive Officer, QATSICPP) to name just a few. This panel will be reflecting on progress achieved since the Carmody Inquiry and flagging the challenges and priorities we face in the future, from each panel member’s own perspective. With the outcomes of the State Government election likely to become known only a few days prior to our AGM, what better time can there be for this type of discussion?

PeakCare admits that our spectacular program is likely to be marred by our infamous Trivia with a Twist competition. As those who have previously participated in this contest will have witnessed, it brings out some dreadfully shoddy behaviour by the participants. It seems that this year will be much the same. Already, PeakCare has received an email from the CEO of last year’s winning team making it very clear of her intention to “defend our crown” no matter the cost.

The Queensland business community is not helping in thwarting these aggressive attitudes by yet again donating some sensational raffle prizes that will see many people walk away from this event being inappropriately, but very well rewarded. It is understood that certain persons from the Queensland Police Service are hoping to again have their new summer wardrobes provided to them courtesy of this event and the generosity of our donors.

The AGM will commence at 4.30pm on 6 December and be held at Riverside Receptions, 50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm.

Registrations to attend the AGM (and the Trivia with a Twist competition) are now open!

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