The Early Learning: Everyone Benefits campaign has published the State of Early Learning in Australia 2017 report that considers the quality, participation, investment and affordability in early learning, building on the baseline of last year’s findings. The report contends that participation in early learning is crucial to supporting children’s developmental outcomes and can be a powerful means of transcending disadvantage, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are twice as likely to start school developmentally vulnerable. The report finds a consistent correlation between socioeconomic disadvantage and a child’s development. The report suggests that children who have attended some form of early childhood education are half as likely to have developmental vulnerabilities when they start school in comparison to children who have not accessed early learning. However, the report also finds that affordability remains a barrier to achieving higher rates of participation in Australia. The report also finds that though there are strengths to the diversity of the early childhood sector, it can create challenges for coherent policy with a significant discontinuity between early childhood education and school policy.