Chapter 16 of the Report on Government Services (ROGS) 2018 was released by the Productivity Commission on 23rd January. Chapter 16 covers child protection services and provides data from all states and territories about notifications, investigations, substantiations, out-of-home care, court orders, use of family support and intensive family support services, and government expenditure in 2016-17. While some of the Queensland data had already been released on the Department’s website, the tables include data from all jurisdictions and since 2007-08. This means that comparisons and reflections over time are possible. The chapter includes information that helps understand each performance measure, what constitutes good performance, and comparative performance. Caveats about comparability of data sets and performance over time are also included. Access chapter 16 from here. Other chapters focus on juvenile justice, homelessness services, and services for people with disability. The chapters on education and training, and child care will be released in early February.