On Wednesday, 9th August, the Child Protection Reform Amendment Bill was introduced into the Queensland Parliament by the Honourable Shannon Fentiman MP, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Minister for Child Safety and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence.
Three major policy objectives underpinning the Bill include:

  • the promotion of positive long-term outcomes for children through timely decision-making and more decisive action that can be taken towards achieving either their reunification with family or alternative long-term care
  • the safe care and connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with their families, communities and cultures, and
  • the establishment of a contemporary information sharing regime for the child protection and family support system that is focussed on children’s safety and wellbeing

The Bill has been now referred to the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community and Disability Services and Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence for inquiry. The Committee is required to report to the Parliament on 28th September and has called for submissions to inform its inquiry to be lodged by 4pm on Wednesday, 30th August.

An information sheet which provides guidelines on making a submission can be found here – guide to making a submission. Written submissions can be emailed to hcdsdfvpc@parliament.qld.gov.au or mailed to the Research Director, Health, Communities, Disability Services, and Domestic and Violence Prevention Committee, Parliament House, George Street, Brisbane Qld 4000.

PeakCare will be looking for opportunities to quickly ascertain the full range of views held by our Members about the Bill to inform our submission to the Committee. Our Members will also be encouraged to make use of this dialogue to inform the preparation and lodgement of their own submissions.

You are urged to review the content of the Child Protection Reform Bill and the accompanying Explanatory Notes and consider how well the proposed legislated provisions and requirements, if proclaimed, will contribute to achievement of the stated policy objectives. You may also have a view, either for or against or somewhere in-between, concerning the value and merit of these policy objectives.