Welcome to the fourth video in our five-part 2017 State Election Video Series.

Watch this video and listen to ALP Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman MP and LNP Shadow Minister Ros Bates MP speak on the care that Queensland children and young people are receiving, and the support of their carers.

If you have not yet watched our introduction to the 2017 State Election Video Series, click here.
Missed any of the previous videos in our five-part series? Click on the following to listen to Ms Fentiman and Ms Bates speak on:

  1. The progress of child protection reforms since the Carmody Inquiry and their priorities for the future (Video One)
  2. Reforming the child protection system while continuing to be held accountable for keeping children and young people safe (Video Two)
  3. Disproportionate representation and improving life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and families (Video Three)

Let us know your views about the matters discussed by Ms Fentiman and Ms Bates by emailing lwegener@peakcare.org.au.