The last week of the State Election campaign period is fast approaching. It is the last week for making sure you are well-informed about the policy platforms of the various political parties before casting your vote and, very importantly, the last week for you to take up the opportunity to influence the thinking of whichever party (or parties) is elected before they take up the reigns of government.
It is a week during which chief executive officers and senior managers of non-government service providers are challenged to fully exercise their leadership roles and sector-wide responsibilities in speaking up and making their views and opinions known to politicians and their advisers about matters that are of importance to the child protection sector. It is a time for community sector leaders to set aside parochial interests and to join ranks in sharing their wisdom and experience with politicians and their advisers about ‘what works’ and ‘doesn’t work’. It is a time – there can be no better time – for leaders to boldly advocate on behalf of the many Queensland children, young people and families who are receiving services from their organisations or may be receiving these services in the future. It is not a time for leaders to be silent.
In this edition of eNews, we remind our readers of the opportunities you are being given to make your feedback, concerns and opinions known to representatives of the political parties. You are urged to take up these opportunities.