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A professional practice framework (PPF) is a conceptual representation that organises thoughts and information as to how an employee undertakes their role. It is a visual that guides their work with clients, colleagues, the organisation and other professionals in the workplace.

It is an important tool for a professional and combines a professional’s own perspectives, training, qualifications, life experiences, techniques, theories and models to bring about a holistic way of working with clients.

From a supervisory perspective, having a professional practice framework enables professionals to engage in workplace and supervisory discussions where both parties can evaluate the job role and performance of the staff member.

This framework is usually shaped over time throughout a professional’s career and is developed from professional experiences, training and qualifications. It also needs to be consistent with the purpose, standards, values and ethics of the organisation and the professional’s role and is influenced by legislation, policy and procedures from the organisation.

In this presentation, participants gain a deeper understanding of Amovita’s framework and explore what a professional practice framework is, why it is important to have and through a range of interactive activities, commence the development of their own framework.

When: Friday, 10 November 2017 – 08:30-12:00

Where: Amovita Consulting, Suite 3, 63 Bay Terrace, Wynnum 4178

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