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We have professional boundaries to guide us as professionals in our roles with clients. Whether we are managers, social workers, consultants, counsellors, support workers, community workers or coordinators, having solid professional boundaries are very important.

It is important we are aware of our own boundaries, both personal and professional, to ensure we have limits and protection in our role at work. By setting your own boundaries you are stepping into a nice shiny protective suit every time you work with a client in the fi­eld. Are you aware of your own professional boundaries? Right now, you may not be aware of your own boundary framework. The aim of this workshop is to enable you to have some time to become aware and develop your own boundary framework as a professional in the fi­eld.

Because we work today with high needs and very complex clients, it is even more important that we have an acute sense of awareness of what this means and to choose what suite of professionalism we wear in our roles. Clients allow us as professionals to support them in their goals and some clients are unable to clearly advocate for themselves, so again having professional boundaries in place shows them we respect them and treat them with dignity in the line of the work we do in human and community services.

This training presentation focuses in detail on three main module areas:

(1) Defi­ning Boundaries

(2) Crossing Professional Boundaries, and

(3) Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what is meant by personal and professional boundaries
  • Understand why boundaries guide professionalism
  • Understand what framework professionals work within to guide professional boundaries
  • Know what it means when we say, ‘crossing a professional boundary’
  • Know how to develop and maintain professional boundaries in the workplace
  • Relate professional boundaries to organisational policies and procedures
  • Work ethically and professionally
  • Implement a course of action should a professional boundary be crossed
  • Demonstrate an awareness of role and responsibilities

When: Monday, 4th December 2017 – 9:00am to 4:30pm

Where: Suite 3, 63 Bay Terrace, Wynnum 4178

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