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Amovita’s suite of supervision and coaching models provide the environment and context for quality outcomes.

Given the depth and breadth of information in Amovita’s training programs, and with the range of resources and materials provided in the training, it is important to have some time to become familiar with the resources provided and consider how to integrate the supervision model/s into the organisational context.

This forum will consider a suggested PASE implementation plan, the process of integration and how to evaluate the implementation framework, and explore the process, pathway, framework and steps to implement for successful outcomes.

The forum will also include a question and answer session, enabling organisations to gain further understanding about how to implement their supervisory program and provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the successes and review improvements for implementing the supervisory program.

The forum will review how to engage the documents, resources and tools over the first 12 months of implementation, how to evaluate successful supervision and build a culture that sustains quality supervisory outcomes.

Date: Tuesday, 14th November, 1pm – 4.30pm

Venue: Amovita Consulting, Suite 3, 63 Bay Terrace, Wynnum 4178

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