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The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association is hosting the annual Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference from Monday, 28th to Wednesday, 30th May 2018 on the Gold Coast, focusing on three overarching themes of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery.

The conference is currently seeking abstracts into addiction prevention strategies, interventions, practical tools, risk factors and approaches to reduce harm, for a 30-minute oral presentation; 90-minute workshop or a poster presentation with a focus on any of the following topics:

  • Prevention – Risk factors, resilience, resistance, harm reduction
  • Treatment – Primary care, brief interventions, residential therapeutic communities, models of treatment and more
  • Behaviour – Fear of missing out (FOMO), pathological internet use (PIU), trolling, social isolations, relapse
  • Systematic Responses – Family support, recovery programs, interventions
  • Interaction between substance abuse and mental health illness -Practical tools, understanding and working with clients
  • Work and the Workplace – Support, training, mentoring and supervising
  • Targeted Populations – Gender, age, demographic considerations and implications, new emerging population groups
  • Forensic Treatment  Prison system and community

Submit an abstract online by Monday, 5th February.