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Berry Street Childhood Institute present Working with children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours delivered by Robert Tucker

This training is aimed at professionals who work with children and young people where there are concerns about their problem sexual behaviours. It emphasises the need to regard pre-pubescent children and adolescents as two distinct groups, with different motivations, causes and intentions behind their behaviour, requiring different types of intervention and care. However a shared theme between these two groups is that contemporary practice indicates the need for individually designed interventions and that children should not be made to fit a standard programme. Intervention needs to be both holistic and sex specific and focus on the development of strengths and resilience factors in both the child and their caregiving settings. The training will explore the issues and challenges in evaluating whether sexual behaviour is age-expected, problematic or harmful, differences between pre-pubescent and adolescent sexual behaviour and causes, motivations and purpose of sexual behaviour and implications for intervention. Find out more here.


Date: Wednesday, 25th October

Venue: Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane

Cost: $240 inc GST

Registrations: Register online