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In Safe Hands Educators in Safety present Guiding children’s behaviour webinar

This webinar will tackle the biggest issue in child care and schooling to date: dealing with behaviour and aggression by both children (aged 2-5) and their parents. During the session we will explore children’s behaviour and look at ways of dealing with aggression safely and effectively in a care environment. Participants will gain knowledge on why certain behaviour happens, how to prevent it, and finally how to manage violent situations and develop policy to report and minimise future occurrences.

• Identifying normal childhood behaviours;
• Contemporary methodologies that impact behaviour;
• The impact of rest, noise, and nutrition on children’s behaviour;
• The development and implementation of behaviour management plans;
• Containing and controlling violent outbursts by children and protecting yourself, staff and children;
• Staff mental health and wellbeing;
• Controlling bites, scratching and violent tantrums;
• Distraction techniques and focusing on children hurt by the incident;
• Developing policy: who do you call, who supports, isolation and relocation zones, reporting the incident and developing strategies.


Date: Wednesday, 18th October, 7.30pm – 9pm AEDT

Venue: Online webinar

Cost: $45 per person

Registrations: Register online