This week’s In the Read focuses on bullying. A range of links is included to resources for children and young people; for workers who support kids, parents and carers; and about bullying in the workplace. For those who work with children and young people in (residential) care, it is pertinent to reflect on research commissioned by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse about young people feeling safe in residential care: young people said they place high value on competent, experienced, trustworthy workers with whom they feel confident to raise concerns.

Bullying. No way!, created by Australia’s educational communities, aims to develop a framework for sharing bullying solutions that work, to use technology and networks to make this information as accessible as possible, and to make sure all students can learn in a safe and supportive school environment. Information is included about supporting children who are being bullied, children who are bullying other children, and children who have seen bullying.

The Queensland Department of Education website has information about preventing bullying and violence, including for children and young people and parents and carers. State schools should have a ‘Responsible behaviour plan’ that explains how positive environments are created for students and how bullying incidents will be handled. The information for schools includes what you can expect of the school principal when bullying is reported. Information is included about signs and symptomscontacting the child’s school, and tips for how parents and carers can respond and support children. There are also cybersafety resources.

This fact sheet from youthbeyondblue explains what bullying is and isn’t, how bullying affects people, taking action, and getting help.

National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB) (Alannah and Madeline Foundation) works to advise and inform the Australian community about childhood bullying and creating safe schools and communities, including on the issue of cybersafety. The site contains resources for children, parents and carers, and schools.

The WorkCover Queensland site has information about work-related bullying – what it is and isn’t – what to do about it, and what is reasonable action by management. There is also a link to a Safe Work Australia guide for preventing and responding to workplace bullying.