ANROWS has released A Guide to evaluating interventions relating to violence against women. It can be used by practitioners, policy-makers and others as a companion to other evaluation guides for evaluating interventions related to violence against women (VAW). The guide is useful for non-evaluators to commission or assess evaluation processes and outputs, and explains the importance of understanding the context of evaluation, and determining an organisation’s level of evaluation-readiness. The guide helps evaluators without VAW-specific experience to plan and design ethically robust, culturally-sensitive and gender-responsive evaluations of domestic and family violence and / or sexual assault interventions.

Another method – the investment management standard (IMS) – is a process for applying simple ideas and practices to help organisations to direct resources and achieve the best outcomes from their investments. Read the 2017 Victorian Treasury and Finance departmental user guide which explains the 4 step process: What is the problem? What benefits need to be delivered? What is the preferred response? What is the recommended solution? You can read about how IMS was used to consider the future of neighbourhood centres in Queensland from the Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA) website.