PeakCare’s Board is pleased to release details of our new Membership Fee Schedule for 2019-20. In announcing the replacement of the previous four-tiered schedule with a six-tiered model, Board President, Mr Darren Young said, “The Board listened to concerns raised by our Members about the old four-tiered system, especially about the significant jump in the fee amounts between the second and third tiers, and have responded with a much fairer six-tiered model that smooths out the increments between each of the tiers.
“This means that the Fee Schedule is better able to take account of variations in the capacity of organisations to financially contribute to and support the important work performed by PeakCare. For the majority of Members, there will be no or very little difference in the amount they pay, for a few, there may be a small increase, and for others, a significant decrease.”
No change has been made to the annual Supporter fee. Details of the new Membership Fee Schedule can be obtained here. Members and Supporters will soon be receiving invitations to renew their membership for 2019-20 in accordance with the new schedule.  Organisations and individuals who newly apply for membership for 2019-20 before Wednesday, 31st July will receive a 10% discount.