In this week’s In the Read we take a closer look at the Queensland government’s progress in implementing domestic and family violence (DFV) reform. The Second Action Plan 2016-19 is underway, the second of four action plans supporting the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Strategy 2016-2026 which provides the framework for actioning responses to recommendations from Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland report. Government reports completing implementation of 90 of the report’s 121 recommendations for government.

Recommendations that specifically mention children and young people include: student protection protocols for schools (recs 27 and 29); a review into specific challenges faced by people with disability impacted by DFV (rec 10); independently evaluating the process of antenatal screening for DFV in public health facilities (rec 54); implementing immediate access to specialist support services within hospitals (rec 59); further investment in specialist homelessness services for women and children escaping DFV and/or temporary accommodation options for those who use DFV (recs 85 and 86); supporting NGOs deliver initiatives responding to learning and developmental needs of children up to 8 years (enabling action); piloting an intervention model for fathers who expose their children to DFV (rec 80); and broadening the scope of professional practice standards to include young offenders (rec 82). For more information and government responses, view the Second Action Plan 2016-19.

Alongside the government’s reforms, community attitudes seem to be changing, with data suggesting more Queenslanders believe violence other than physical is equally serious, and a decreased condoning of violence in general. For Domestic and Family Violence Month in May, the #stopthehurting portal was developed in conjunction with young people to help children and young people understand about, report and access support for DFV. It includes a free downloadable recording available until 17th June 2018 by singer Illy feat. campaign competition winner Travis Lord. The government’s portal also provides resources for young people.