The Jobs Availability Snapshot 2017 released by Anglicare Australia shows that despite one of the strongest periods of growth in full-time employment, those with barriers to work are facing significant challenges. The report used sample data from May 2017 to test labour market conditions as they affect people with the most barriers to securing work, including disability and illness; lack of qualifications (especially among the very young and very old); and re-entering the workforce after time away. The report shows that among a growing trend of workforce casualisation, up to five jobseekers are competing for each entry-level role advertised, and that there is no jurisdiction with sufficient jobs for the number of people seeking them. The report also contains a number of recommendations for government intervention, including raising the rates of income payments such as Newstart and Youth Allowance and providing funding to support communities to develop inclusive employment strategies such as tailored job creation for specific local opportunities. Read the report.