G Force

G-Force is a statewide work group chaired by the CREATE Foundation.

G-Force aims to share knowledge, practice, linkages and advice to practitioners and policy makers. Participation of children, young people and workers in the child protection system is vital to ensuring that children and young people have a say in the decisions that affect their life.

G-Force is focused on achieving best practice regarding:

  • The active participation and inclusion of children and young people in out of home care in their community and in decisions that affect their lives, and
  • Quality support options for young people in out of home care to transition from out of home care to independence

The work of G-Force is grounded in the opinions of young people with an out-of-home care experience themselves, with CREATE Foundation Young Consultants participating directly and indirectly in the group.

G-Force is comprised of government and non-government members including:

    • CREATE Foundation
    • Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian
    • Child Protection Development, Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
    • Child Safety NGO Programs, Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
    • Foster Care Queensland
    • Non-Government service providers
    • PeakCare Queensland
    • Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak Ltd
    • Queensland Council of Social Services.

G-Force seeks to support those working with young people in out of home care by sharing practical information, practice wisdom and useful tools. The group also provides stakeholders with an opportunity to provide feedback about systemic changes that could lead to better outcomes for young people in out of home care.


A sample of resources

This document outlines the Queenslands child protection sectors commitment to involving children and young people in out of home care in decisions that affect their lives.

Tips for overcoming barriers to participation

This resources for workers in out of home care features feedback from young people about how barriers to facilitating youth participation can be addressed.

Complaints Banner

This is resource highlights the different avenues for children and young to raise concerns or complaints about their care and is intended for use in newsletters and on websites

Emergency contacts

This template can be used by workers assisting young people transitioning from care to highlight key local services that can provide them support post care.

Reconnecting with Family in a safe way

This resource for young people contains tips from young people who have transitioned about reconnecting with family in a safe way.

Participation meme

Young people developed and designed this resource with the aim of increasing young people’s awareness of their right to participate and to who they can go to for assistance.

Are you in care? Has Child Safety made a decision you don’t agree with?

This information sheet has been developed by G Force to raise awareness and understanding about QCAT – the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – amongst young people in care.

How to make a complaint – a form for young people

Young people can use this form when they have a problem, or when they feel unhappy or worried about something that has happened or is happening to them in care, but they are not ready to talk to someone in person about it.



Participation forum mini-manual

This resource provides a guide on organising your own forum/training event looking at the engagement and participation of children and young people in care, based on an actual event organised by G-Force in March 2012.



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